About Us

U Panic’d is a podcast featuring three individuals with diverse perspectives. Not always in agreement, they build off each other, providing vital information to the community. They speak on Black ideologies and issues (both past and present).

Rome questions mainstream narratives and various Black movements. Although his political views are more aligned with mainstream progressives, his curiosity for learning new perspectives allows him to moderate several topics with the soul purpose of unity in the Black community.  

Sheens is a charismatic and delightful host on a constant search for new theories, ideas, and practices that could ultimately bridge the gaps in the black community. She strongly believes we are more the same than different. While not always agreeing, she seeks out the root commonalities between various movements and ideas in hopes for unity.

Gee is an opinionated host that maintains his stance based on logic and facts. His wit combined with his assertive personality creates a lively discussion every episode.

They may disagree often, but these Boston natives all maintain a certain sense of camaraderie. As 3 young individuals who grew up in the Boston inner-city, they witnessed many of the ills of their community. And because of this, they are dedicated to seeking the answers that can uplift their community. 

The goal of the U Panic’d Podcast is to question all ideologies, practices, organizations, movements, scholars, and content (both mainstream and grass-roots) that circulates amongst Black America. U Panic’d dares to not just touch on these issues, but also examine them through honest (and often controversial and politically incorrect) discussion. 

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