Prison Culture: Interview with Georgia State Inmate

Prison Culture: Interview with Georgia State Inmate On episode 26, we interviewed Flipp, a Georgia State Inmate about prison culture and his attempted murder charge.

Closing Track by: P. Goods, “What If” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JUEK…

EPISODE 64: Success Is A Choice

Is success a choice? The meaning of both success and choice are discussed with Special Guest, SupaKev.

Closing Track by: Marty Mula, Better Choices

EPISODE 63: Parental Influence on Education

Parental influence on Education is discussed with Educator, Cinnamon.

Closing Track by: CYANCA, Home

EPISODE 62: A Celebrity’s Place

The U Panic’d crew gathers at the table for the great ‘Art vs Artist’ debate, and the Artist’s role in our society.

Closing Track by: Biz20, THELUDES

EPISODE 61: The Power of Politics

The crew talks Boston City Council Elections and Power, and holds off a Spook Who Sat by The Door movie review for another time.

Closing Track by: Locky Dangr, The Shogun (Feat. Spnda)

Discrimination in Hip-Hop Nightlife

On our 25th episode (Salute to our listeners), we discussed the difficulty with hosting and promoting Hip-Hop events, whether it be nightclubs, concerts, or other Hip-Hop related events. Joined with us was DJ Nexus, Sir Locksley and J-Walk for this interesting conversations around the business of Hip-Hop culture. Closing Track by: Vintage Lee, “Bless You”


EPISODE 60: The Book Of Ye, Can Kanye Save Us?

The crew discusses Kanye West’s current position in the Black Community.

Closing Track by: Swift, Past The Sky

EPISODE 59: Identity Politics

Fresh off Episode 58, the group talks about the Purpose of Identity Politics.

Closing Track by: Gary Soulz, Purpose (Prod. by Flexxington Don)

Episode 58: Platanos At The Barbeque

The group discusses Hispanics in the Black community.

Closing Track by: Joseph James, Life’s a Risk

EPISODE 57: Cooperating With Law Enforcement

The crew brings back the Intern and Walk to discuss the intricacies of Cooperating with Law Enforcement.. AKA Snitching.

Closing Track by: Lockydangr – Walk-home

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