EPISODE 68: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Understanding Black Wealth

Referencing the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki, the group talks with SuperKev and Walk about black wealth.

Closing Track by: Swift, Nu Money

Should We Care About How White People View Us

OOn Episode 28, Fu returns to the U Panic’d podcast to discuss if we should care about what white people think about us. Also featuring The Villain. Sheens and Gee have opposing views on this topic.

Sexual Intimidators and their Toxic Power Dynamics

exual Intimidators and their Toxic Power Dynamics In episode 27 of the U Panicd Podcast, the Research Team returns to explain sexual intimidators to Rome and Gee. It ends up becoming a lively discussion where we challenged social norms surrounding the power dynamics of sexual encounters.

EPISODE 67: Podcast Progression, Setting Goals for 2020

Opening up with a quick reflect on Power, the U Panic’d crew sits down to discuss their next moves for the brand in 2020.

Closing Track by: Chaynler Joie, Congratulations

Photo by Dante Marshall

EPISODE 65: Popeyes vs The People

With special guest Carol, the group discusses a Popeyes trying to strong arm their way into the Codman Square community of Dorchester, Boston MA.

Closing Track by: Julie Dexter & thehc3, The Smiling Hour

Julie Dexter

Prison Culture: Interview with Georgia State Inmate

Prison Culture: Interview with Georgia State Inmate On episode 26, we interviewed Flipp, a Georgia State Inmate about prison culture and his attempted murder charge.

Closing Track by: P. Goods, “What If”…

EPISODE 64: Success Is A Choice

Is success a choice? The meaning of both success and choice are discussed with Special Guest, SupaKev.

Closing Track by: Marty Mula, Better Choices

EPISODE 63: Parental Influence on Education

Parental influence on Education is discussed with Educator, Cinnamon.

Closing Track by: CYANCA, Home

EPISODE 62: A Celebrity’s Place

The U Panic’d crew gathers at the table for the great ‘Art vs Artist’ debate, and the Artist’s role in our society.

Closing Track by: Biz20, THELUDES

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