Defending Black Women

In Episode 18, we discussed ways Black men can align themselves with Black women to fight the various injustices women face in our society.

Closing Track by Biz20, Titled: Earl

Black Women In the Porn Industry

In Episode 17 we continue our discussion with Rick (formerly Italia Blue) about the inner workings of the adult-film industry.

Closing Track by Furgersen7: Off—White…

Black Men Oppress Black Women

In Episode 16, we debated the controversial topic of Black Men Oppressing Black Women, stemming from our Cat Calling episode with our new host Sheens. We also Introduced our Interview of Pickle Rick, Formerly Known as Italia Blue, the Adult film star.

Black Fatherhood pt2

In episode 15, the U Panic’d crew continue the discussion about what it means to be a Black father. In this episode, Rome expresses his issues with the late Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s recommendations for starting a family.

2017 Wrap Up

In this episode we look at past moments in our first 13 episodes to discuss the Top Five 2017 Panics of the first season.

Black Fatherhood pt1

In episode 13, U Panic’d discuss what it means to be a Black father in the United States. Both Fu and Gee have recently become fathers and they discuss their voyages to fatherhood as Black men.

Black Messiah Complex

In episode 12, U Panic’d discuss the Black Messiah Complex in the Black community. Do we need another leader? Can our current leaders be trusted? And should we hold them to higher standards?

Personal Responsibility or White Supremacy

In episode 11, we discuss personal responsibility vs white supremacy to determine the true culprit for the current state of Black America. Gee and our returning guest, Dre debate the decisions made by some impoverished Black people in the inner-city.

Is Public Education Failing Black Students

Is public education failing black students? As we celebrate our 10th episode, we are joined by two Boston Public High School teachers to discuss this question. Our guests, a Boston pilot school math teacher and a Boston exam school biology teacher indulge in this serious conversation about our local and national educational system, while immersed in a chill and celebratory environment with the U Panic’d crew.

Masculinity in Hip-Hop

In this episode we discuss Masculinity in Hip-Hop. This is the 8th Episode of the U Panic’d podcast featuring J. Walk. We discussed Battle Rap, Gangster Rap, Trap and Drill Music’s effects on the Black community and Black women.

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