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Prison Culture: Interview with Georgia State Inmate

Prison Culture: Interview with Georgia State Inmate On episode 26, we interviewed Flipp, a Georgia State Inmate about prison culture and his attempted murder charge.

Closing Track by: P. Goods, “What If” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JUEK…

Discrimination in Hip-Hop Nightlife

On our 25th episode (Salute to our listeners), we discussed the difficulty with hosting and promoting Hip-Hop events, whether it be nightclubs, concerts, or other Hip-Hop related events. Joined with us was DJ Nexus, Sir Locksley and J-Walk for this interesting conversations around the business of Hip-Hop culture. Closing Track by: Vintage Lee, “Bless You”


The Battle Rap Scene

On this episode we spoke with battle rapper, Sir Locksley and our Hip-Hop Analyst, J-Walk about today’s battle rap culture. We discussed which artists are hot right now, what leagues to follow, politics surrounding battle rap, and battle rappers difficulty with producing music.

We also shared our thoughts on Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Closing Track (EXCLUSIVE) by: Sir Locksley, “Space Base”

Blac Chyna is perpetuating Rape Culture

During Episode 27, Rome, Gee, and the Research Team discussed Blac Chyna’s relationship with YBN Almighty Jay. Is 29-year-old Blac Chyna (currently 30 y/o) perpetuating rape culture? Is 18-year-old YBN Almighty Jay a victim in this relationship?

Please join the conversation, share your thoughts.
To hear the entire episode, visit https://upanicd.com/episode-27-sexual-intimidators/

Kanye West’s Slavery Comment Discussion

During Episode 32, the U Panic’d Crew and our guest Dispo discussed the public outrage about Kanye West’s TMZ interview where he said 400 years of slavery sounds like a choice.

Please join the conversation, share your thoughts.

Concerns about Hidden Messages in Disney’s Black Panther Movie

In episode 22’s Real or Fake segment, we discussed if Black people who are concerned about the “hidden messages” in the Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther Movie are overreacting. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT (Characters and scenes from the film are discussed in this segment)

Black People Should Protest Our Negative Images in the Media

In Episode 20’s Real or Fake Segment, we discuss if the Black community should protest their negative images in the media. This spirited discussion featured our controversial guest Dre (from episode 2 and episode 11).

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