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Pushing Children Too Far: The Teddy Perkins Effect

Pushing Children Too Far: The Teddy Perkins Effect During Episode 31, Rome and Gee discussed the effects of pushing children too far after watching season 2 episode 6 of Atlanta where they introduced us to a Michael Jackson like character named Teddy Perkins whose father pushed him and his brother to their creative limits. This topic took a slight turn as Rome and Gee disagreed on the importance of traditional education for all children.

Closing Track by: Yung Simmie, “Shoot Da 3” ft. Denzel Curry (produced by HIGHAF)…

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Black Fatherhood pt2

In episode 15, the U Panic’d crew continue the discussion about what it means to be a Black father. In this episode, Rome expresses his issues with the late Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s recommendations for starting a family.

EPISODE 15: Black Fatherhood (Part 2)

In Part 2 of Black Fatherhood we go off script to define what Manhood is for a healthier discussion on the topic. This is also Fu’s Official Last Episode as a host on the U Panic’d Podcast. Stay Tuned!

Black Fatherhood pt1

In episode 13, U Panic’d discuss what it means to be a Black father in the United States. Both Fu and Gee have recently become fathers and they discuss their voyages to fatherhood as Black men.

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