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Episode 72: Hot Topics

The U Panic’d crew discusses Gayle King and Snoop controversy around Kobe’s reputation after death, the Coronavirus, Power’s season finale, and Sheens questions Gee’s critique of black representation in media.

Closing Track by: GOODLUCK BLACKCAT, The Plan

EPISODE 70: Black Media vs The Grammys, Should We Care?

The crew discusses black media being ignored by black artists at the 2020 Grammys with special guess, Yo O.

Closing Track by: Juicy J, Who Da Neighbors

EPISODE 42: The Progression of Black Media

Episode 42 features the award winning multimedia specialist, Via Perkins, who touches on her racial journey explored through her work. Also, asking for a friend: Does modern media fall short on its mission to inflict social change?

Special Guest: Via Perkins

Closing Track by: Lodyss, Loose Squares [PROD. SIR CRKS & LEE ROUNDTREE]

Black Panther Analysis pt2 Wakanda and the African Diaspora

In episode 23, we continue the Marvel/Disney’s Black Panther film discussion. We analyze the movie with our special guest, Mo by comparing it to the various comic book renditions of the Black Panther character and storyline, as well as compare the actions of Wakanda to what is going on currently throughout the Afrikan diaspora.


Closing Track by: Swift, “Black America”…

EPISODE 5: SBPM vs Black Media (Part 1)

This episode stems from a viral video which took place on Blue Hill Ave in Dorchester MA, that shows the Straight Black Pride Movement hosting an event. A freelance writer/journalist arrived and was confronted, being taken as a Black Lives Matter advocate. From here, writer Arielle Gray took her thoughts to AfroPunk to write about her experience… O Salih Rowe, President of the Boston Chapter of SBP, tells us his.

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