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The Black Divide in Higher Education

The Black Divide in Higher Education

On this episode, Gee and our guests (Bernadine Truth and Omar) got into a heated debate about Black student recruitment. Should colleges and universities make a distinction between African Americans (ADOS) and 1st & 2nd Generation Black Caribbeans and Africans? And should descendants of American slavery have priority over other Black students in regards to enrollment and scholarships? OUR APOLOGIES FOR THE YELLING. This was a lively topic.

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Closing Track: “Dogface” by Tobe Nwigwe…

Political Correctness pt2

In part 2, we continue this controversial topic of political correctness in the Black community. Erykah Badu was labeled “anti-semitic”and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was labeled “transphobic” for sharing their opinions publicly. Has political correctness gone too far? Our returning guest, Dre believes colleges are turning Black students into “victims” who hide in safe spaces and complain about microaggressions all day. Gee completely disagreed with this, and it caused a heated debate between the two on this episode.

Closing Track by: Boogie Da God, “I’m Hungry”…

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