EPISODE 23: Black Panther Analysis Part 2, Wakanda and the African Diaspora

We continue our discussion on Black Panther and dive a little deeper into the under lying narratives that surround Wakanda and the African Diaspora.

Closing Track by: Swift, Black America

EPISODE 22: Black Panther Analysis

Marvel’s Black Panther has made a huge impact on Black culture since hitting theaters, so it’s only right we break down the nuances and critiques of Marvel’s most successful film of it’s franchise. We kick the episode off with a Real or Fake stating “Black people who are concerned about the ‘hidden messages’ in Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther Movie are Overreacting”.

Closing Track by: Jerome Clayton, “Juice” Produced by “MacBassick”

EPISODE 2: Black Businesses and Marvel’s Black Panther Movie

As economic, political and social conditions for Black people seem to remain stagnant in the U.S., the “Buy Black” movement hopes to reverse our societal status. As a people, should we support this movement? Is this movement racists and does it enable subpar business practices in the Black community? Join us as we have a conversation with our close friend and business owner Dre about Black businesses, non-Black businesses in our communities, and corporate interest in targeting Black people. In our second segment, we examine the profitability in the rise of Black consciousness and representation. Is Marvel and Disney participating in cultural appropriation or exploitation with their upcoming film The Black Panther?

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