Rape Culture

Rape Culture

During Episode 43, we discussed Rape Culture in the Black community. Is rape culture real or just a feminist talking point? Does Hip-Hop perpetuate Rape Culture? Whose at fault for Rape Culture’s prevalence and how we can end it? Special guest on this episode is Jazz.

Please join the conversation, SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. To hear the entire episode, visit https://upanicd.com/episode-43-rape-c…

Closing Track: “Savage” by Lodyss https://soundcloud.com/lodyss/savage

EPISODE 18: Defending Black Women

We kick off the episode with a Real or Fake surrounding the Mo’Nique/Netflix debacle. From there, we appropriately discuss ways Black men can align themselves with Black women to fight the various injustices they face; exploring ways we can build with and support one another.

Closing Track by Biz20, Titled: Earl

Black Men Oppress Black Women

In Episode 16, we debated the controversial topic of Black Men Oppressing Black Women, stemming from our Cat Calling episode with our new host Sheens. We also Introduced our Interview of Pickle Rick, Formerly Known as Italia Blue, the Adult film star.

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