Episode 80: #BlackAF Review

Rome & Gee discuss the conversations surrounding Kenya Barris’ #BlackAF Netflix series.

Closing Track by: Fu Blac, Black is the Color

Trans-Rachel: The Rachel Divide Review

Trans-Rachel: The Rachel Divide Review The U Panic’d Podcast discussed Rachel Dolezal and her Netflix Documentary, “The Rachel Divide”. Is transracial real? Does it only apply to white people? Is Rachel Dolezal a transracial pioneer or just opportunists and a liar? Does Rachel deserve this backlash? Join us as we analyze The Rachel Divide.

Closing Track by: Jerome Clayton x Dorren Pierre – “Tryna” Prod By (Nyrell&Phil Majr)…

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EPISODE 21: Political Correctness (Part 2)

Here we go further into discussing Political Correctness by moving away from the comedians, and more into the role it plays in our society. We start off with a few definitions (including the definition of a social justice warrior), dissect some issues, and end with an explosive back and fourth on “Safe Spaces” in colleges and universities.

Closing Track by: Boogie Da God, I’m Hungry

EPISODE 20: Political Correctness (Part 1)

In his latest 2018 Netflix Special Titled “Equanimity” Dave Chappelle says he stopped doing comedy once he realized Americas ears were “too brittle”. On Episode 20, we dive into Political Correctness with our guest Dre, from Episodes 2 & 11, and discuss if Dave has a point with his statement. Has Political Correctness  gone too far?


Closing Track by: Locksley, INCREDIBLE (Prod by. Flexxington Don)

EPISODE 19: She’s Gotta Have It (Past and Present)

Breaking down the “She’s Gotta Have It” Netflix Series from Spike Lee, we have a look at each of the main characters and compare them to their representation in the original film from 1986. Before diving into each characters personality, we start the show off with a Real or Fake surrounding Polyamorous relationships… snowballing into sex robots.

Closing Track by Ashante´ Nicole: Surrender (prod. by Kae Tea)

Cover Art by Kala Johnson

Mo’Nique’s Netflix Boycott

Mo’Nique recently called for a boycott against Netflix due to what she considers a “low ball” offer of $500,000. She mentions Amy Schumer getting $11 million and renegotiating to $13 million, and the men getting paid much more. She senses sexism and racism, and proceeds to call for a boycott against Netflix. The cast of U Panic’d discuss the topic.

EPISODE 1: Netflix’s What the Health Review and Woke vs Hotep

As Black Americans become more health conscious, the Netflix’s documentary What the Health has solidified the divide between meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans. Was the documentary right and exact or was it vegan propaganda? Join Fu as he attempts to school Gee about the dangers of eating meat. In our second segment, we attempt to define the popular terms that dominate Black Twitter, “woke” and “hotep”. What does it mean to be woke or hotep, and who fits these descriptions?

Closing Track by: LOCKSLEY, Nugget (Prod. by Kae Tea)

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