EPISODE 26: Prison Culture

Today we speak with an inmate of a Georgia state prison. We phoned him in and had a great conversation about what the culture in prison truly is.

Closing Track by: P Goods, What If


EPISODE 11: Personal Responsibility or White Supremacy

On this episode a Real or Fake segment takes over. Should we charge reckless children as adults in court? Why are our children in these harsh environments in the first place? The discussions turns into a debate with our guest A. Lambert responding with Personal Responsibility, and our host Gee responding with White Supremacy.

Real or Fake: Zero Tolerance Policy cause the School to Prison Pipeline

On our 10th episode’s REAL or FAKE: we discuss if the Zero Tolerance policy (increase suspensions, expulsions, and school arrests) was implemented to cause the School-to-Prison Pipeline amongst Black students.

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