Real or Fake: Azealia Banks is right about Black men in Hip-Hop

During our Real or Fake Segment we discussed Azealia Banks recent comments about Black men in the industry pinning Black female rappers against each other, while also promoting non-Black female rappers to the top.

Straight Black Pride vs Black Media pt1

This episode stems from a viral video which took place on Blue Hill Ave in Boston, MA, that shows the Straight Black Pride Movement hosting an event. A freelance writer/journalist arrived and was confronted, being taken as a Black Lives Matter advocate. From here, writer Arielle Gray took her thoughts to AfroPunk to write about her experience… O Salih Rowe, President of the Boston Chapter of SBP tells us his side of the incident and gives more clarity about the SBP Movement.

Cat Calling

In Episode 4 we discussed catcalling and street harassment. What does it mean to catcall? Is it ever ok to approach a woman in public? Could Black men handle street harassment if they had to walk in Black women’s shoes?

EPISODE 7: Code Switching

Here on Episode 7 we discuss the controversial tactic known as Code Switching. Is it just a tactic used for survival or even a bad thing? Is it coonin’? Tackling the subject through exploration of corporate culture and other avenues, we attempt to breakdown what it means to “Code Switch”.

Is Being Woke Divisive?

With the help of social media platforms, movements for marginalized groups are becoming more popular. But as their message grows, does it come with a cost? The UPanic’d team along with our special guest Stephen Hamilton discuss the current trends within the “woke” community and the potential dangers of their popularity.

Black Business

This segment we discussed the current state of Black business with our long time friend Dre. Are we too hard on Black owned businesses? Should we distinguish between Black and non-Black owned businesses? And should we go out of our way to support these Black businesses?

EPISODE 4: Cat Calling (The L Edition)

Every 4th Episode we bring the vices out.. We continue to discuss our topics while of course letting the liquor speak through us. On this episode our Intern kept the drinks flowing while we further discuss the Boston Rap Scene as well as Cat Calling and other forms of Street Harassment by men towards women. Join the discussion as we break down the evils of Cat Calling.

Closing Track by: LOCKSLEY, STOP N’ GO (Prod. by Kae Tea & Flexxington Don)

EPISODE 1: Netflix’s What the Health Review and Woke vs Hotep

As Black Americans become more health conscious, the Netflix’s documentary What the Health has solidified the divide between meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans. Was the documentary right and exact or was it vegan propaganda? Join Fu as he attempts to school Gee about the dangers of eating meat. In our second segment, we attempt to define the popular terms that dominate Black Twitter, “woke” and “hotep”. What does it mean to be woke or hotep, and who fits these descriptions?

Closing Track by: LOCKSLEY, Nugget (Prod. by Kae Tea)

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