Ralph Celestin

Boston 2 Philly Movie Analysis

Boston 2 Philly Movie Analysis

On episode 41 of the U Panic’d Podcast, we sat down with Ralph Celestin, creator of Boston 2 Philly. This interesting interview touched on several topics.

Closing Track by: Lord Jones – “Diamonds & Roses Petals” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvaPM…

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EPISODE 41: The Art of Film with Ralph Celestin, the Boston 2 Philly Film Analysis

Filmmaker, actor and director Ralph Celestin stopped by to discuss his new film, Boston 2 Philly, a love story that focuses on the lives of two people that meet and fall in love. But are they in love, or looking for escapes from their own traumas?

Special Guest: Ralph A. Celestin

Closing Track by: Lord Jones, Diamonds & Roses Petals (from the Boston2Philly Soundtrack)

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