sir locksley

The Battle Rap Scene

On this episode we spoke with battle rapper, Sir Locksley and our Hip-Hop Analyst, J-Walk about today’s battle rap culture. We discussed which artists are hot right now, what leagues to follow, politics surrounding battle rap, and battle rappers difficulty with producing music.

We also shared our thoughts on Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Closing Track (EXCLUSIVE) by: Sir Locksley, “Space Base”

EPISODE 25: Discrimination in Hip-hop Nightlife

We kick it off with a Real or Fake saying “rap music brings out violent crowds” to break the ice with our guests, Sir Locksley and DJ Nexus. With both their perspectives we then begin to dissect the politics behind rap music’s treatment in the nightlife scene.

Oh yeah, and look out for Gee’s apology to Sheens for his Mo’Nique comments in the beginning of the episode..

Closing Track by: Vintage Lee, Bless You (prod. Jew Paidro)

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