The Price Of COVID-19

The Price Of COVID-19

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Closing Track: “Lie” by Joseph Joey James ft Skye Major…

EPISODE 78: The Price of COVID-19 (part 2)

Rome, Gee, and Dre continue their discussion on the economic effects of COVID-19.

Closing Track by: The Vanguard UNITED FRONT, Get It in Blood

EPISODE 76: Social Distancing

The U Panic’d crew starts a Google Hangout session with a few guests to talk about COVID-19 & Social Distancing.

Closing Track by: Biz20, Watts

EPISODE 71: Trump and The Democratic Divide

The U Panic’d crew invites special guest Mo to discuss the current political climate with Trump and the Democratic Nominees.

Closing Track by: Locksley, To The Throne (Prod. by Flexxington Don)

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