The Black Divide in Higher Education

The Black Divide in Higher Education

On this episode, Gee and our guests (Bernadine Truth and Omar) got into a heated debate about Black student recruitment. Should colleges and universities make a distinction between African Americans (ADOS) and 1st & 2nd Generation Black Caribbeans and Africans? And should descendants of American slavery have priority over other Black students in regards to enrollment and scholarships? OUR APOLOGIES FOR THE YELLING. This was a lively topic.

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Closing Track: “Dogface” by Tobe Nwigwe…

EPISODE 47: Black Representation In College

Previous guest from the Black Panther Analysis episode, Mo, returns to “Speak His Speech” on “Blacks in Higher Education”.

Special Guest: Mo (Previously Featured on Black Panther Analysis Below)

Closing Track by: Vintage Lee, Tell Me (prod. LoLoTheGod)

EPISODE 46: Blacks in Higher Education

Our guests B, from the Urban Collective Podcast & Omar sat with us to discuss the college enrollment process on episode 46. We also discussed the the low percentage of African Americans in top ranking colleges and universities. How can we ensure that the majority of scholarships and enrollment slots designated for descendants of Black people that have suffered from institutional racism in this country for generations remain with them? Should first and second-generation Black students of Caribbean and African descent be labeled “African American” or “Black” by these colleges and universities? And should there be a clear distinction between African Americans and Black people of the African Diaspora in regards to college enrollment?

Special Guest: Omar, and B from The Urban Collective Show

Closing Track by: Tobe Nwigwe, DOGFACE

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