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EPISODE 85: Defund Police

The Term and Hashtag #DefundPolice is discussed on this episode of the U Panic’d Podcast.

Closing Track by: Suede the Remix God, You About to Lose Your Job

EPISODE 84: R.I.P. George Floyd

The crew sits dow to discuss the recent activity surrounding George Floyd’s death.

Closing Track by: Biz20, Instrumentalist pt2

EPISODE 83: MGTOW & Men’s Rights Advocates

The U Panic’d crew gathers to discuss the online movement MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) and MRA (Men’s Rights Advocates).

Closing Track by: Biz20, Juicier

EPISODE 82: The OnlyFans Hustle

U Panic’d gathers a full panel of guests to discuss the OnlyFans Hustle.

Closing Track by: Biz20, Fictional-life

EPISODE 81: The Free Black Vote

The U Panic’d crew gathers to discuss the Black Vote in 2020.

Closing Track by: Biz20, Clap Them Keys

Episode 80: #BlackAF Review

Rome & Gee discuss the conversations surrounding Kenya Barris’ #BlackAF Netflix series.

Closing Track by: Fu Blac, Black is the Color

EPISODE 79: Is This Pandemic Adding Up?

The group sits with Dre and Fu to discuss numbers and theories surrounding the pandemic’s impact.

Closing Track by: Cousin Stizz, Vendetta

EPISODE 78: The Price of COVID-19 (part 2)

Rome, Gee, and Dre continue their discussion on the economic effects of COVID-19.

Closing Track by: The Vanguard UNITED FRONT, Get It in Blood

EPISODE 77: The Price of COVID-19

The Crew is Back with guest/business owner, Dre, to discuss the economic troubles that come with COVID-19.

Closing Track by: Joseph Joey James, Lie Ft. Skye Major

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